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Brandywine Elevator Company will be available to perform all code required safety testing on your elevator.  We coordinate with  elevator inspectors to have this work completed within required time frames.



According to ASME A17.1a all elevators should have the annual pressure or safety test, and, if applicable, the five-year full load test.

In the State of Delaware the inspection requirements are dictated by counties and municipalities.  Each building with an elevator requires a certificate.  Building owners should contact an independent inspector who will inspect the unit and witness the annual safety or pressure test.



In the State of Pennsylvania, the periodic inspections and testing are performed according to the laws and regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Brandywine Elevator Company will comply with these laws and regulations and schedule the tests with inspectors.

ASME A17.1 all elevators should have a three year periodic pressure test, and, if applicable, the five-year full load test.

For more information on the laws and regulations of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry at 717-7987-3806 or visit the web at


New Jersey

In the State of New Jersey, periodic inspections shall be made at intervals of not more than six months for all lifts.  Routine tests shall be made according to the laws and regulations of the State of New Jersey Elevator Division.  The tests shall be conducted by the elevator sub-code official according to State and Local guidelines.

Hydraulic elevators are required to have an annual pressure test.

Traction elevators subject to an annual no-load safety and governor test along with a full load safety test conducted every five (5) years.


For more information on independent inspection agencies certified to complete state testing please contact our office at 302-543-5395.