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Brandywine Elevator Company Offers Superior Elevator Service

Commercial elevators are complex systems, in turn, they require regular maintenance to ensure they operate safely and perform optimally.  Brandywine Elevator Company tailors its elevator maintenance programs to your specific needs or preferences.  Our maintenance programs are designed to maximize the performance of your elevator by providing periodic examinations, adjustments, and repairs. Our team can also advise when you need to upgrade your current equipment.  Call us today to schedule an elevator maintenance survey at your site.

two elevator repair technicians

We Offer Elevator Maintenance in Greater Philadelphia

We offer a Comprehensive Maintenance Program or Preventative Maintenance for your elevator needs.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Program would provide more coverage for your elevator and be performed on a monthly basis.  Comprehensive Maintenance includes parts such as valves, seals, limit switches, signal and pushbutton indicator devices, and other related parts.  Technicians maintain and clean cartops, pit areas, machine rooms so that they are in proper working condition, as well as adjust as necessary all equipment to maintain optimal performance and safety.  Our Comprehensive Maintenance is recommended for elevators which receive frequent passenger usage.  This Program includes most service call requests during normal business hours, so long as they are not caused by user error or damage, or power outages.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program provides quarterly or monthly service as requested and is not as inclusive in coverage.  Preventative maintenance examinations will complete the following inspections, lubricating, and/or cleaning of the following: machine room, car tops, controllers, contacts, hoisting machines and motor, brake, travel cord, and other equipment.  Our technicians will make minor adjustments as needed during the elevator maintenance examination.  Service call request for your elevator would be billable for your elevator with this plan.  We recommend the Preventative Program for elevators which are used less frequently.

Qualities You Should Seek in an Elevator Maintenance Company

In the Philadelphia region, there are many maintenance companies from which to choose.  If you prefer a company that honors your elevator maintenance agreement by completing the maintenance as contracted, partner with Brandywine Elevator Company.  Our technicians check the core components of your elevator equipment during their examinations, they are well trained to address any elevator maintenance or repair needs that you have in a reliable, efficient manner.

We Provide Elevator Maintenance for the Following Clients


Housing Authorities

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Gloucester, NJ Housing Authority

Montgomery County, PA Housing

Collingswood, NJ Housing Authority



Brandywine Hospital

Jennersville Hospital


School Districts

Philadelphia School District

Springfield Montgomery School District

Council Rock School District


Parking Authorities

Wilmington Parking Authority

Philadelphia Parking Authority


Business Centers managed by

Hayden Management

Cushman & Wakefield



Various Hotels and Apartment Buildings

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