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Elevator Control System

Modernize Your Current Elevator Equipment

Elevators have a fairly long lifecycle but will reach a point when an upgrade is necessary to maintain performance, safety, or aesthetics. Brandywine Elevator Company specializes in elevator modernization for Philadelphia businesses with old elevators. We can install modernized equipment for your commercial elevators, which will improve their safety and performance while also improving their aesthetics. We provide options to upgrade components like elevator door equipment, hall stations, cab interiors, control panels, motors, and more. We are partnered with all of the major elevator manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to recommend the best options to meet your elevator goals and preferences.

Elevator bay doors

Understanding the Benefits of Elevator Modernization

With regular maintenance, elevators will last for more than 20 years. However, their performance is prone to decline over time, which will necessitate elevator modernization. Brandywine Elevator Company is proud to be your reliable partner for elevator modernization in the Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, and South Jersey Regions. We will upgrade your old elevator with components critical for the utilization of the latest technology. It is natural for certain parts to become obsolete over the lifespan of your elevator. By trusting us to modernize your unit, it will facilitate more straightforward repairs and maintenance if anything should go awry. Modernization, therefore, heightens the quality of your elevator while also making it safer in the long run. Furthermore, a modern twist to your elevator will improve its appearance and can be done to match your building’s current aesthetic.

Elevator Lift Machinery

How Elevator Modernization Can Improve Efficiency

In addition to upgrading your elevator to reflect current technology and improve its aesthetic appeal, modernization will significantly enhance the efficiency of your elevator and building.  Equipment you may want to modernize on your elevator would include:

  • Door Equipment – Your elevator door equipment includes the door operator, hatch door panels, car door panels, infrared proximity device, sills, struts, headers, and door bucks. Doors cause more shutdowns on an elevator than any other component.
  • Motors and Machines – The average life expectancy of a motor and machine is roughly 20-25 years. If you have older elevators, Brandywine Elevator Company can assess and replace the elevator motor and machines if needed.
  • Controls – Elevator controls have a similar life expectancy to motors and machines, yet it can vary depending on the environment and if you have any unforeseen accidents such as water damage. Brandywine Elevator Company recommends and installs only non-proprietary elevator control equipment.
  • Cylinder and Jack Units –  Have you experienced leveling issues or hydraulic fluid leaking with your elevator?  A static test can be performed to check leveling or drifting issues, if need be Brandywine Elevator Company can install a new cylinder or jack unit.
  • Fixtures – While upgrading your controls, it usually necessary to replace your hall and cab fixtures to work properly with controls. It also provides a fresh, modernized look to the elevator fixtures.
  • Cab Upgrades – Brandywine Elevator Company can also provide a complete interior cab upgrade by replacing interior cab panels, ceilings, rails, etc. to improve the appearance and feel of your elevator.
Elevator inspection of cab

Determining the Right Time for Elevator Modernization

Brandywine Elevator Company will help you determine the right time to modernize the elevators in your Greater Philadelphia Area building. When we perform routine maintenance and repairs, we always look for ways that you can upgrade or improve the elevator experience for your building’s tenants. Based on data gathered from your elevator’s history of service calls, we will help you decide the next course of action. Our technicians have your best interests at heart and will provide fair assessments of the risks you take by merely repairing issues with an old elevator. Among the factors to consider when choosing to modernize your elevator is the obsolescence of parts. If your elevator is more than 10 years old, chances are the parts it needs for simple repairs are getting harder to find. Rather than allowing the window of availability to lapse, you should modernize your elevator so it can remain operational for many years to come. Furthermore, elevator modernization ensures compliance with all codes. Being compliant and passing all annual inspections will provide peace of mind to your tenants and ensure that your elevators can remain operational.

Contact Brandywine Elevator Service for Modernization Needs

Unlike some other elevator companies, we will provide you with accurate data and information to make the correct decision about when to modernize your elevator. We will also help you understand the multitude of benefits for you, your tenants, and the building. Contact Brandywine Elevator Company today to discuss all of your elevator modernization needs in the Philadelphia, PA area.

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