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Our Philadelphia Elevator Repair Service Is Fast & Dependable

At Brandywine Elevator Company, we understand that elevator downtime causes headaches and irritation among your building’s tenants. As a result, we offer timely elevator repair service in the Philadelphia Region to resolve any issues before your clients begin to get restless.  We are partnered with all the major elevator brands and have access to the parts you need for your elevator repair. Our technicians will carefully assess each situation to guarantee that we do the job correctly and as cost-efficiently as possible. We will keep you informed about the process regardless of the size of the project and alert you to any challenges we notice along the way.

elevator repair tech inside brick shaft

Brandywine Elevator Company Delivers 24/7 Repair Service

We realize that to keep your tenants safe and happy, you may sometimes require elevator service or repairs after normal business hours.  There are some issues that cannot wait until the next day.  For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency repair service to provide you with a prompt response to your emergency needs.  Our certified technicians deliver timely and reliable service, which minimizes downtime for your elevators and frustration by your tenants or clients.  We offer our emergency elevator service in the Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, and South Jersey Regions.  Call us any time of the day or night, and we will be there as soon as possible.

Understanding Common Types of Elevator Problems

Brandywine Elevator Company is adept at handling all types of elevator problems.  With expert technicians on staff and familiarity with various elevator manufactures and parts, we are Greater Philadelphia’s choice for addressing elevator repair issues. Among the elevator problems we are accustomed to seeing are:

  • Power failures – Severe weather can cause elevators to shut down, boards or software can be damaged or in need of being reprogrammed. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the source of such issues and work to return your elevator to service.
  • Door issues – Door rollers or door operators tend to wear down or not perform optimally over time, our technicians can readily confirm these issues and make necessary repairs.
  • Hydraulic valve replacement – Worn valve components can cause leveling issues with the elevator which create a safety issue in regards to passengers tripping or falling. Our technicians can adjust the valve as needed or in some cases recommend a replacement.
  • Hydraulic jack issue – If your hydraulic jack fails during required pressure testing, it may be a sign that a replacement is needed for the jack to perform properly.
  • Elevator phone issues – Our team can replace phones as needed or program to call the client’s specified 24-hour monitoring company.
  • Traction elevator rope replacement – Traction ropes wear and deteriorate over time, possibly causing performance and safety issues with your elevator. Our technicians can assess the quality of ropes and recommend replacements as needed to ensure proper operation and safety.


We have proven techniques to remedy these issues and restore your elevator to its proper working condition. Call our team if you notice or feel anything amiss with your building’s elevators.

Call Brandywine Elevator Company for Elevator Repair Service

Brandywine Elevator Company’s team of professionals is standing by and available to help you with any elevator repairs that you need.  We currently provide commercial elevator services, including elevator maintenance and repair, to several housing authorities, hospitals, school districts, major hotel chains, apartment complexes, and business centers in Philadelphia and all surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule a service call!

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